Watch Fuzz Townshend from National Geographic's Car S.O.S and Practical Classics magazine demonstrate the both the professional and home use version of the Britpart Lynx Diagnostic Interface.


Britpart is dedicated to supporting Land Rovers and the mechanics that maintain them and have developed a new diagnostics tool specifically, and uniquely, for Land Rovers. Its called, the Lynx Diagnostic Interface. A multi-faceted tool that can be used not only to find fault codes, but to clear them as well, along with the service lights.

Lynx diagnostic software can also read live data from the connected car and test actuators so that performance can be monitored and potentially enhanced. Live data can be recorded and played back. Programmable features such as alarms and key codes can be accessed and set up through the Lynx diagnostic software, providing a quick and efficient solution.

To increase the units' usability, it has been developed to work on a Windows laptop or Windows tablet so menus are easy to navigate, information is easier to locate and more can be displayed, than on a small liquid crystal display on a hand held device.

Lynx is ideal for garages working with different models of Land Rover as the interface contains data for the whole range.

Finding and rectifying common Land Rover electrical faults has never been easier. Lynx - your complete Land Rover diagnostics tool.