Watch Fuzz Townshend from National Geographic's Car S.O.S and Practical Classics magazine demonstrate the both the professional and home use version of the Britpart Lynx Diagnostic Interface.


Britpart has been dedicated to supporting Land Rovers for over 30 years. Now, they have joined forces with Omitec and developed a new tool to help make looking after your car even easier. Its called, the Lynx Diagnostic Interface, a tool that links to your Land Rover's computer.

The interface can find and clear fault codes, read live data and perform tests on your vehicles performance meaning minor problems can be corrected quickly to ensure optimum performance for your Land Rover. Programmable features such as alarms and key codes can be accessed and set up through the Lynx Diagnostic software, meaning you stay in control of your Land Rover.

To increase the units' usability, it has been developed to work on a Windows laptop or Windows tablet so menus are easy to navigate, information is easier to locate and more can be displayed than on a small liquid crystal display on a hand held device.

Finding and rectifying common Land Rover electrical faults has never been easier. Lynx - your complete Land Rover diagnostics tool.