• Q. What is the difference between the home user version and professional user version?

    A. The home version is unlocked for only one Land Rover model, the professional version is unlocked for all that are currently available.

  • Q. Is the home user version Lynx VIN locked?

    A. No, the Lynx home user version will diagnose one Land Rover model at a time, all Discovery 2’s for example.

  • Q. Will Lynx diagnose faults on other vehicle manufacturer’s models?

    A. No, Lynx is only for Land Rover models.

  • Q. What languages is Lynx in?

    A. At the moment you can buy Lynx in English, French, German and Spanish.

  • Q. When will the Range Rover L405 software be available?

    A. The upgrade for this model will be available soon.

  • Q. What are the minimum system requirements to run the Lynx diagnostic software?

    A. Microsoft Windows based PC with - Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 operating system. USB drive. 500MB available hard disk space (minimum). 1024 x 768 screen resolution (minimum). Administrative rights - only required for software installation.

  • Q. Will it work on a Mac?

    A. Currently the software is only for Windows.

  • Q. Does Lynx have to be connected to the internet to work?

    A. No, Lynx works without internet connection.

  • Q. Can you change the vehicle configuration file with this tool?

    A. Yes on certain models, see coverage chart.

  • Q. Does Lynx show SRS (safety restraint system) faults?

    A. Yes, see coverage chart.

  • Td5 Engines

  • Q. Can Lynx code in replacement fuel injectors?

    A. Yes Lynx can.

  • Discovery 2

  • Q. Is Lynx capable of programming the air suspension ride height?

    A. Lynx can programme the air suspension height using calibration blocks to standard factory ride height.

  • Discovery 3 & Discovery 4

  • Q. Will Lynx look at and reset the EPB, ABS & SRS?

    A. EPB - Yes, ABS - Yes & SRS - Yes

  • Q. Does Lynx cover the diagnostics of the air suspension system of the Discovery 3?

    A. Yes Lynx does.

  • Q. Can Lynx diagnose and calibrate the suspension ride height on my Discovery 4?

    A. Currently you cannot calibrate the suspension but Lynx will diagnose any faults. We are currently working on calibration for the next update.

  • Q. Can Lynx be used to edit the CCF file for the Discovery 3 as I want to enable the 4x4 info screen and a few other minor tweaks.

    A. This is being considered for a future software update.

  • Range Rover Classic

  • Q. Does Lynx work on the engine only or all the systems in a soft dash?

    A. It can only be used on the engine.

  • Range Rover P38

  • Q. Can Lynx reset the adaptive valves for the Bosch M5 2.1?

    A. Yes Lynx can.

  • Q. Will Lynx allow you to cycle the blend motors in HEVAC in order to reset them?

    A. Currently Lynx cannot cycle the HEVAC blend motors but this is something that is being looked into for a future software up date.

  • Q. Can Lynx unlock the BECM?

    A. Lynx cannot do this.

  • Q. Is Lynx capable of programming the air suspension ride height?

    A. Lynx can programme the air suspension height using calibration blocks to standard factory ride height.

  • Range Rover L322

  • Q. Will Lynx look at the potentiometer within the transfer box?

    A. Currently the potentiometer cannot be tested but is on the list for a future upgrade of Lynx.

  • Q. Can you change your clock and reset your fuel consumption figures?

    A. No Lynx is unable to do this, resetting this is done on the vehicle centre console.

  • Q. Can Lynx raise the suspension each corner at a time?

    A. No this is not a feature of Lynx.

  • Q. Can Lynx do reflash of software, resynching a system, for example: amplifier, radio and navigation system?

    A. No Lynx is not capable of reflashing the software as it is a diagnostics tool.

  • Q. Can it reset EPB (electronic park brake) for installation of new rear brakes?

    A. Lynx can perform a service reset on the EPB to fit new brake shoes.

  • Freelander 1

  • Q. Will Lynx cover Webasto fuel burning heater, Sawdoc immobiliser, instrumentation and body control?

    A. Yes Lynx will cover those systems.